• "I can hit the ground running, day in and day out, as I have for nearly fifteen years."

  • Meet Robin

    Robin Munier has spent a lifetime advocating for her community.

    For over a decade, Robin has worked as a Liaison and Special Assistant to the Las Vegas City Council. Through her position, Robin facilitated the creation of neighborhood associations throughout Ward 1, giving the residents a stronger voice to participate in grants for neighborhood restoration, health, and safety projects. She's also helped dozens of businesses set up shop right here in Ward 1.

    Robin’s dedication to the community began as a leading activist with the Nevada PTA.

    Robin began her career working with the Nevada PTA, including serving as the Nevada PTA President. Her leadership and work with families lobbying for adequate funding for education and reducing class sizes was crucial in getting new schools built to serve our kids right here in Ward 1.

    Robin is a recognized leader on quality of life issues like the environment, public safety, and transportation.

    Robin’s longtime passion for quality of life issues like public safety, transportation, and the environment has led to her recognition by multiple governors of both parties. A widely regarded expert on the issues, Robin has received numerous awards for her policy and advocacy work over two decades.

  • Public Safety and Quality of Life

    Robin's focus for over a decade has been on improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods. She was instrumental in the formation of neighborhood associations within the ward to organize and better represent constituents at City Hall, helping them get needed access to city resources. As a councilwoman, she'll continue to work with the nonprofit, private, and public sectors to keep our communities safe and prosperous.


    Robin began her career as an activist with the Nevada PTA, and has been leading the fight against overcrowded classes and inadequate funding for decades. As a councilwoman, Robin will work with the Clark County School District and continue to advocate for our students to have access to a world-class education so they have the skills and knowledge to compete for 21st century jobs.

    Economic Development

    A strong economy is the backbone of a safe and prosperous community. Over her long career at City Hall, Robin has helped dozens of businesses set up shop here in Ward 1. From the Medical District to Decatur Ave and along the 95, our community is rife with economic opportunities, and we need leadership with the experience and know-how to make the most of it.


    As Las Vegas continues to grow, improving our public and private transportation infrastructure will be critical to support further development. Robin will look at new strategies - and new technologies - to make Las Vegas more mobile. At the same time, we have a lot of work to do to make Ward 1 a walkable community, which is why Robin will continue to advocate for additional bike lanes and lighted cross walks.

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